Honorary conference President:

Prof. A. Ramezani
Conference Chairman:

Prof. K. Zare
executive Secretary:

Dr. J. Hoseyni
Scientific Secretary:

Prof. R. Ghiasi
Secretary of Plicy Council:

Dr. Daghighi
Chairman of Policy Council:

Dr. M. Noei
Secretary of Referees Committee:

Dr. A. Shokri
Chairman of Referees Committee:

Dr. M. Talei

ü  Organic Chemistry

ü  Separation processes

ü  Analytical Chemistry

ü  Modeling and Simulation

ü  mineral chemistry

ü  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

ü  Chemistry

ü  Kinetics,catalyst and reactor designs

ü  Applied Chemistry

ü  Process engineering

ü  chemical engineering

ü  Biotechnology

ü  Nanochemistry

ü  Biomedical Engineering

ü  Chemical catalysts

ü  Food,health and pharmaceutical

ü  Polymer chemistry

ü  Nanotechnology

ü  Nuclear Chemistry

ü  Science and Polymer Engineering

ü  chemical industry

ü  Engineering oil tanks

ü  Medicinal Chemistry

ü  Environmental Engineering

ü  Phytochemistry

ü  Management Health,Safety,Environment (HSE) and                       risk assessment

ü  Chemical industry

ü  Training in Chemical Engineering

ü  water refinery

ü  Materials and new processes

ü  The application of                                          computational methods in chemistry

ü  Process control

ü  Transport phenomena

ü  renewable energy

ü  Thermodynamics and phase                              equilibria 

ü  And all subjects related to chemistry and chemical                         Engineering


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Conference Calendar
conference secretariat (+4:30,Tehran)
(note: Working hours are based on Tehran +4:30 Time)


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Prof. M. Malardi

Prof. A. Feyz Bakhsh

Prof. H. Ahmad Panahi

Prof. S. Taghvaei

Dr. M. Bayat

Dr. M. Manochehri

Dr. R. Ahmadi

Dr. M. Manafi

Dr. Yoosefi

Dr. M. Taherkhani

Dr. L. Saedi
Dr. M. Poorheravi
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